From 14 June, 2014 to 26 July, 2014
Opening 14 June, 2014 from 6pm to 9pm

Magda Danysz Gallery - 78, rue Amelot - Paris 11

The star of the stars, the emblem of street-art and pioneer of the movement, known from the 70s for his abstract graffitis without letters, FUTURA is a real legend.

As BASQUIAT, SEEN, or Keith HARING, FUTURA has been involved in a numerous exhibitions since the 80s in New-York., notably the legendary New-York / New Wave at the PS1 in 1981. This exhibition drew the portrait of a new generation revolutionizing art with completely new art expressions. Being the first person to do a “whole-car” without letters, he quickly imposed his abstract style on the artistic world, in galleries, in museums, and even in concerts, such as the one of the Clash at Mogador in 1981 where he was discovered in France for the first time.

His style stands out among the others, as much for his abstract patterns which replace the classical “tags” as for the life of his composition. FUTURA is the true heir of the Abstract Expressionism, his movement portrays the same energy as Jackson Pollock. He builds a bright and colorful universe, which is instinctive, and balances geometrical lines in the patters which he paints with the spray cans as finely as if it was a paintbrush.

FUTURA is an exceptional artist. A virtuoso of the bomb, a pioneer full of energy. His works are hybrid expressions inventing his own language codes between graffiti and lyrical abstraction. In this exhibition, he presents powerful works combining the visual impact of his explosives colors and the dexterity of his drawing in his geometrical forms. Today, FUTURA is one of the most famous artists of the movementand his influence transcends all borders.

Futura - mixed media on canvas - 198 x 198 cm - 2014
Futura - mixed media on canvas - 198 x 198 cm - 2014
Futura - mixed media on canvas - 198 x 198 cm - 2014
Futura - spraypaint on canavas
Futura - spraypaint on canavas
Futura - mixed media on canvas - 198 x 198 cm - 2014
Futura - mixed media on canvas - 198 x 198 cm - 2014
Futura - mixed media on canvas - 198 x 198 cm - 2014


  • Untitled 1
  • Sabor
  • Rumbaba
  • Sao Paulo
  • Key Lime pie
  • Manziel
  • Untitled 9
  • Sky Fall
  • Group B
  • Digital 2
  • Digital 4
  • Digital 6
  • Digital 12
  • Pollock Redux 1
  • Pollock Redux 2
  • Untitled 2
  • Moscow

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