Botto e Bruno - Solo Show - The young man who refuses to leave childhood

From 9 March, 2013 to 14 April, 2013
Opening 9 March, 2013 from 6pm to 9pm

Magda Danysz Gallery - 78, rue Amelot - Paris 11

Gianfranco BOTTO and Roberta BRUNO were born in Turin in 1963 and 1966 respectively. Their work deals with the urban environment, focusing especially on the suburbs and abandoned industrial areas. BOTTO E BRUNO prove their talent by the diversity of their work including, photography, drawing, collage, video, and music and their excellent achievements. They have had notable exhibitions in many institutions including The Foundation Teseco for art in Pisa, the BF 15 in Lyon and Geneva Mamco.

For the upcoming exhibition, Gallery Magda Danysz gives an overwhelming amount of support to this artistic duo. Upon entering the gallery the audience is automatically confronted with the environment of the artists whereby the external world dissolves. The audience is faced with a pair of used sneakers with twirls of writing emerging from the sneakers. The motif of text in their work highlights the importance of words in their creations. BOTTO E BRUNO line the walls with multiple sheets made from crumpled paper painted in black ink. They sketch a landscape that is rooted in the city - we recognize the silhouette of tall buildings – yet their sketches are extremely fragile due to the lightness of the mediums that they use. BOTTO E BRUNO juxtapose collage, paint, newspaper, songs and pictures to compile their work. The exchange between the different techniques disappears completely upon the completing of the image and the boundary between urban space and nature takes possession the piece.

Combining the text, images and photographs, BOTTO E BRUNO suggest their own experience of the city. They are proposing to us to look at the image from a point of view perspective. The installation explores the process one goes through to follow dive in the understanding of the images from this new environment.


  • L’histoire de la ville
  • L'enfance
  • Dans la zone industrielle
  • Un air de blues
  • Les hangars vides
  • L'autoroute
  • Le monde extérieur I
  • Le monde extérieur II
  • Le monde extérieur III
  • Les yeux fermés sur un fil I
  • Les yeux fermés sur un fil II
  • Les yeux fermés sur un fil III
  • Un terrain forestier I
  • Un terrain forestier II
  • Un terrain forestier III
  • Sur le terrain d’un vieux complexe industriel
  • Un jeune homme que refuse de quitter l’enfance
  • L’histoire de l’usine
  • En mouvement
  • Une chanson
  • Avec ce désir pour seul bagage
  • Voyage au bord de la ville
  • Sur fond de glissement de terrain

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