Now in Paris

From 22 March, 2014 to 10 May, 2014
Opening 22 March, 2014 from 6pm to 9pm
Magda Danysz Gallery - 78, rue Amelot - Paris 11

Prune Nourry is a multi-disciplinary artist from France. She presents in many of her works concerns on biotech and genetic evolution, particularly from a graceful but compelling female’s perspective. Prune’s most recent series Terracotta Daughters will be on exhibition in MD Gallery Shanghai from the upcoming September.


Now in Shanghaï

From 29 March, 2014 to 10 May, 2014
Opening 29 March, 2014 from 6pm to 9pm
Gallery Magda Danysz, 188 Linqing Road (x Pingliang Road), Shanghai



Founder of the Group of Stars, historical movement of Chinese contemporary art, Huang Rui is recognized as one of the most important artists of his generation in China. He creates works combining painting and poetry, in large format, to adapt his project with the huge gallery space of 1000m ². Painter as...

In Other Places

From 18 January, 2014 to 31 December, 2014
Opening 18 January, 2014 from 6pm to 9pm

Some artworks by Vhils came from the private collection of Antonio Cachola are exhibited at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Elvas (Portugal) on the occasion of their permanent exhibition featuring several portuguese artits. The exhibition runs throughout the year until december 31, 2014.

From 25 February, 2014 to 22 April, 2014
Opening 25 February, 2014 from 6pm to 9pm

On the occasion of the enthronement of Germaine Tillion, Geneviève de Gaulle-Anthonioz, Pierre Brossolette and Jean Zay at the Pantheon in May 2015, JR is selected to invest the Republican temple during its renovations. The objective is to achieve a participative work...

From 1 March, 2014 to 29 June, 2014
Opening 1 March, 2014 from 6pm to 9pm

On the occasion of this exhibition at the Museum Frieder Burda in Baden-Baden in Germany, are shown photos and videos of JR, as a general retrospective on the evolution of his work until today.

For this exhibition, much of his work are presented, like his "...

From 21 March, 2014 to 1 June, 2014
Opening 21 March, 2014

Directly inspired by the famous Army of Xi'an, the emerging French artist Prune Nourry presents her own army of "Terracotta Daughters." Following her "Holy Daughters" project in India, Prune Nourry is now interested by the demographic imbalance in China. She infiltrates the local culture and is inspired by the famous Terracotta Soldiers,...

From 19 April, 2014 to 29 June, 2014
Opening 19 April, 2014 from 6pm to 9pm

Beginning from April 19, the Hara Museum, one of the oldest contemporary art museums in Tokyo, welcomes talented young artist Nicolas Buffe, who makes Japan the country of choice for several years.

36 years old this year, he developed very early a...

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