Now in Paris

From 24 October, 2015 to 28 November, 2015
Opening 24 October, 2015 from 6pm to 9pm
Magda Danysz Gallery - 78, rue Amelot - Paris 11

On the occasion of the publication of l’Anthologie du Street Art by Magda Danysz at Alternatives Publishing (Gallimard),the exhibition highlights the work of the most talented artists of the movement from Futura to JonOne, Shepard Fairey, YZ and VHILS. The show provides a panorama of Street Art and points to the multiplicity of the...

From 5 December, 2015 to 20 January, 2016
Opening 5 December, 2015 from 6pm to 9pm
Magda Danysz Gallery - 78, rue Amelot - Paris 11

Following the first chapters of the exhibitions « The Self-Drawing Hand » (La Main qui dessinait toute seule) the gallery is organising a new show entirely and exclusively dedicated to various forms of drawings. It brings together several artists of the gallery as well as their guests. Their works are displayed all around the gallery,...

Now in Shanghaï

From 21 November, 2015 to 11 January, 2016
Opening 21 November, 2015
Gallery Magda Danysz, 188 Linqing Road (x Pingliang Road), Shanghai

360 is a group show giving a 360° vision on the artists and illustrating the choices of the gallery opening saturday November 21st (announced until Dec 31st) This exhibition shows together all the works by Erwin Olaf, JonOne, Futura, Prune Nourry, JR, VHILS, Ma Liang, Zhang Dali, Ludo etc through photos, videos, paintings, drawings, and...

In Other Places

From 14 October, 2015 to 5 December, 2015
Opening 14 October, 2015 from 6pm to 9pm

Graduated from the Beaux-Arts of Paris, Gaël Davrinche constantly renews the great masters’ painting techniques and dares to take over their models. His perfect technique makes him paint either really big portraits or renews the great masters’ painting techniques as Velasquez, Goya or Leonard de Vinci. From his expert brush’s movement is...

From 10 December, 2015 to 22 December, 2015
Opening 10 December, 2015

Rammellzee passed away in 2010, but before he left us he recorded his magnum opus, Cosmic Flush with producer Jonah Mociun. Unreleased, eight years have passed. The collection of breakcore and speed metal-influenced rap tracks stand as a futuristic relic which is just now about to see the light of day.

Cosmic Flush fully realises...

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